What exactly is the CISSP?

“The true delight is in the finding out rather than in the knowing.” – Isaac Asimov.

If you are an experienced security professional you may consider an advanced security certification like the CISSP because of its attractiveness in the industry. Holding a globally recognised certification like the CISSP will vastly improve your career opportunities. Passing the exam is just the first step as you need to have verifiable experience in the CBK areas. The greatest value comes from attaining the certification and then applying knowledge on information security projects for a few years to finely hone your security capabilities.

A great benefit of holding the CISSP certification is you are already subscribed to a global code of ethics that are concise and available for all prospective employers to see. The CISSP validates knowledge and provides an impartial measure of the abilities of the security professional. This in conjunction with all the usual background checks should provide an employer with some confidence that you know how to design, build, and deploy information security systems in the organisation.

As with any other qualification, it does not guarantee performance in the workplace. How passionate are you about security? What security activities are you involved in out of the workplace? Are you contributing to the information security community? Are you keeping pace with the rapid developments in information security?

Lets explore some key information for those wanting to pursue the CISSP certification.

  • Exam Fees: $699. Click Here for the latest (ISC)² exam prices.
  • Study Material: $60 Click Here for one of the options.
  • Exam: CISSP – Certified Information Systems Security Professional (250 multiple-choice questions and advanced innovative questions, up to six hours, 700 out of 1000 points is the passing score or 70%). Effective 1 May 2021 (CAT Testing, 100-150 multiple choice questions, up to 3 hours)
  • Prerequisites: Candidates must have a minimum of five years cumulative paid work experience in two or more of the eight domains of the CISSP CBK. Earning a four-year college degree or regional equivalent or an additional credential from the (ISC)² approved list will satisfy one year of the required experience. Education credit will only satisfy one year of experience. A candidate who doesn’t have the required experience to become a CISSP may become an Associate of (ISC)²by successfully passing the CISSP examination. The Associate of (ISC)² will then have six years to earn the five years required experience.

If you are planning on preparing for the CISSP Exam you would be well advised to pay attention to the changes to the exam format. Effective 1 May 2021 CISSP exam moves to an adaptive format and you should prepare accordingly.

CLICK HERE for all the information on how to schedule your exam.

The Exam outline effective 1 May 2021 has important information on the reweighting of the CBK for the exam.

The CISSP adds a lot of credibility to any information security professional by demonstrating a wide understanding of the underlying information security concepts. The Chapter management wishes all those preparing for the CISSP exam in 2021 great success.

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